Has your home been put up for auction? Are you no longer able to pay your mortgage?

CANCELLA DEBITO is the solution for real estate debts that allows you, at no extra cost, to completely wipe out your debts.

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All the benefits of our solution

Full debt elimination

In just a short time, you can finally leave all your worries behind you and start again, with renewed peace of mind. You will no longer have to live with the fear of remaining in debt and not being able to buy another house.

You will no longer be on the bad debt list

Your financial situation will be rectified and you will no longer be on the bad debt list. You will be able to obtain cheques, credit cards or a new mortgage for another house as if nothing had happened.

Go back to living your life peacefully

Stress, fear and health problems linked to this situation will disappear. You can get your peace of mind back and the freedom you lost. You will also have saved the guarantors and can give your family a new future.

What are the consequences of an auction?

You will still be in debt

If your house is sold at auction, you will not free yourself from your debts. In 99% of cases, the house is sold at a lower price that the debt which you have with the bank, so you will still be in debt for the remaining sum.

The interest will accumulate

If you do not have enough money to settle the remaining debt immediately, the interest will continue to accumulate and in about four years, the remaining debt will have doubled and you will find yourself back at square one.

The foreclosures will remain

To cover the remaining debt, money will be taken from your account, your salary, pension, other property or any other income will be foreclosed until you settle the debt right down to the last penny.

You will no longer be able to get credit

You will not be allowed to have cheques, credit cards or any loans. You will be labelled as a late payer and you will be unable to restart with any business activity.

Even your guarantor will be affected

If someone has vouched for you, the same thing will happen to them. They will be able to take money from the account, pay check, pension and even foreclose on property belonging to this person.

Haven’t we been clear enough?

Take a look at a practical example

The solution cancels the debt in five steps


The proxy is an essential document which allows us to access all the documents required to analyse the situation.


We analyse the financial and legal aspect of your debt situation. This is the essential part because it allows us to understand how to deal with the bank and creditors.


We carry out an analysis of the property, keeping in mind its potential after making improvements with the aim of maximising the future sale.


We get in touch with the bank and creditors through our protocol and formulate a proposal with them that is beneficial for you.


With the “discontinuance” document from the creditors and the decision of the judge, your debt will be cancelled forever.

Reasons why you can put your trust in us

No cost

Unlike a legal firm, you will not have of pay anything either for the analysis or for extinguishing the debt. You can put your trust in us without running the risk of losing more money.

Specialised experience

We are specialised in extinguishing real estate debts, so we know which tools are required to take to the bank and settle the debt. We have an 86% success rate.

Rapid solution

Knowing how to move in real estate circles means that in 80% of cases, we can come to an agreement with the bank within sixty days and you can quickly turn over a new page.

Certainty in the result

Other firms want to find a buyer for your property before settling your debt. We, on the other hand, guarantee you 100% that once we have come to an agreement with the bank, we will make the payments within the agreed times.

Reliability and transparency

We will explain up front the situation that you and your guarantor are in. So, if we realise we cannot help you, then we will not waste precious time.

Understanding and passion

The results that our team achieve every day stem from their ability to listen to customers and the passion and dedication that we put into every case we take on.


The first guarantee that we can give you is a contract in which CANCELLA DEBITO undertakes to carry out all the analyses and subsequent activities free of charge.
You do not have to make any down payment and we hereby contractually guarantee that once we have extinguished your debt, you will not owe us any commission.
Moreover, we guarantee that within fifteen days from when you sign the proxy and we perform the analysis that we will tell you if we can resolve your situation.
If we cannot, you will not pay anything.

As you will have realised, we will extinguish your debt directly, so we can only manage a limited number of debt positions.
So, contact us immediately because time is of the essence in these situations.
Put your trust in sector-based professionals to help you quickly get back on your feet and find peace of mind.

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