About us

Specialised staff

Every member of the CANCELLA DEBITO™ staff has acquired experience over the years in this sector and understands perfectly what someone, who risks losing everything they have worked hard all their life for, is going through.

We make use of different types of professional figures, such as psychologists, lawyers and debt experts who all focus on the different stages of the debt cancellation process.

Through our protocol, CANCELLA DEBITO™ resolves the main problem of anyone whose house has been foreclosed or gone to auction and does not have the financial assets necessary to pay the entire sum requested by the creditors.


Our solution

The CANCELLA DEBITO™ solution has been designed and developed with the sole objective of providing a free and fast solution to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult debt situation, even if the house has already been foreclosed or gone to auction.

We take care of all the bureaucratic side of things, the proxy, analysis of the documentation, legal advice, court documents for cancelling debt.

We also take care of all aspects so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

You will have a single contact person who will follow the debt right up until it is cancelled in the best possible way.


Are you no longer able to keep up with your mortgage payments? Has your house been foreclosed or gone to auction?

Contact us immediately with no strings attached