Success stories

Real life testimonials and success stories of the CANCELLA DEBITO™ method

Lucia, Vicenza

Debt cancelled: € 156.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

At the beginning, I was rather sceptical, but then I was able to speak to people who were willing to help and did what they promised they would do. I recommend them if you have a debt problem because they took care of us and, as promised, they didn’t ask me for any sum of money.

Matteo, Vicenza

Debt cancelled: € 98.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

I contacted CANCELLA DEBITO after I saw them on internet. We got to know each other in the space of a few days and, in just one month, they stopped my house from going to auction. I still don’t know how to thank them

Bruno, Vicenza

Debt cancelled: € 86.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

I want to thank CANCELLA DEBITO on my behalf and that of my family.  They were very understanding given our situation. After their analysis, they told us how things would go and in the space of forty-five days, everything they said, happened. It was a dream for us to be finally debt free.

Emilio, Verona

Debt cancelled: € 112.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

We thought there was no way out of our problem and that we would be destined to pay our debts for the rest of our lives. In the space of twenty days, we managed to avoid the upcoming auction and came to an agreement with the bank. I didn’t think that it was possible, but the CANCELLA DEBITO staff succeeded.

Ottorino, Vicenza

Debt cancelled: € 198.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

I contacted CANCELLA DEBITO because the debit I had contracted in buying the house had become impossible to manage.  I had tried contacting an estate agent to sell the house, but I kept losing time until the house was put up for auction. Thanks to them, in about three months, I solved my problem once and for all.

Marisa, Verona

Debt cancelled: € 58.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

I found out about CANCELLA DEBITO through our lawyer who recommended them to us because they were the only ones who could cancel the debt and buy our property. They did the analyses and contacted the bank. After a few weeks, they gave us the good news. They had completed the agreement with the bank. We were able to leave this dark period behind us in less than three months.

Vincenza, Padova

Debt cancelled: € 73.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

We were in an extremely difficult situation due to a real estate lawsuit that had used up all our savings that we had put to one side over the years. The staff at CANCELLA DEBITO succeeded in doing something that we thought was no longer possible. They freed us from all our debts in just a few months

Salvatore, Vicenza

Debt cancelled: € 133.000

Procedure: Full and final settlement

Without the help of CANCELLA DEBITO, we would have been indebted to the bank for the rest of our lives. I had tried in vain to sort things out on my own, but the bank didn’t do anything to help me find a solution before the property went to auction. CANCELLA DEBITO saved my life!